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Use Consumer Data to Accurately Price Your Products


We Optimize Prices
for E-commerce Products & Restaurant Menus

Find prices that make your business the most amount of money


Increase Profit

Optimal prices to experience up to a 45% increase in profit


Increase Trust

Find prices that your customers are willing and able to pay


Increase Sales

Increase sales by letting Right Price show your products to 100’s of potential customers

Watch How We Price Using Data

Right Price collects and analyzes consumer data to ensure businesses make accurate pricing decisions. We identify your company’s profit-maximizing price points

  • Location
  • Consumer Demand
  • Demographics
  • Brand Perception
Happy Customers

Testimonials clients


Conor Bolich

Owner of Side Dish

“We used Right Price to help us set our menu when we opened our first location in Los Angeles. They helped us increase our average check by $6.”

Andreas Psaras

Owner of Harry’s Café chain

“ I came from Greece and started my restaurant here in Southern California 40 years ago. Technology has played an important part in our expansion. Price optimization is our newest tool that we are using to help us grow. ”

Use Data to Accelerate Your Business

Data is becoming increasingly important. Use it to make more reliable and accurate business decisions.

accurate pricing decisions

Accurate Pricing Decisions

Successful businesses update prices regularly. Be like them.

Earn more money

Earn More Money

Stop leaving money on the table. Make the most from your products.

grow your business

Grow Your Business

Use data to invest in your future and outperform your competitors.